Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie goers are emotionally attached to cinema advertising

In a media-gorged society, it is difficult to fully engage people’s attention. In a dark theatre where a giant screen is the dominant focal point, your advertisement can truly compete for the target audience’s full attention.

According to MediaPost, cinema advertising company ScreenVision commissioned a study by NewMediaMetrics. This study was to rank the assorted media by the amount of “emotional attachment” each created with the audience in regards to an advertisement. Results showed that cinema advertising had the highest level of “emotional attachment” for products advertised.

“Emotional attachment” was found to be 25% higher in cinema advertising than TV advertising in people who often shop at JCPenney’s. In addition, people who have shopped for electronics in the last six months were 45% more emotionally attached to cinema ads than the other 16 out-of-home advertising subcategories.

If debating about including theatre advertising in an overall media plan, movie attendance is higher during the summer months and the fourth quarter holiday season. Theatre advertising can also be geographically targeted to reach the best customer prospects.

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