Thursday, March 4, 2010

Partner Spotlight: Sarah Malone

How does the heavy media user impact my advertising media planning?

When looking at mass media, it's important to note the heavy users of a particular media account for a larger percentage of gross ad impressions delivered. According to Scarborough research, heavy users are defined as the following: Heavy television viewers watched 34+ hours per week, heavy radio listeners listened to 15+ hours of radio per week, heavy internet usage is 10+ hours per week and heavy outdoor consumption is 250+ miles per week on the road. Heavy users of a medium are those in the top 20% of total users and account for the majority of impressions delivered by an advertising schedule. For example, Arbitron research shows that the top 20% of outdoor consumers account for 59% of impressions.

To have a clearer understanding of where media dollars are having an effect, we must examine the heavy users of each medium. Distinct demographic profiles are evident when examining heavy users by medium. Based on Scarborough research, outdoor advertising delivers a high concentration of men, middle-aged people and upper income households. Television delivers a higher concentration of women, middle income and older people. Radio heavy listeners are gender-balanced, middle-aged and middle to upper income. Heavy users of the internet are male, young and upper income.

Looking merely at the total reach of a medium is not the most effective way to weight a media buy for maximum return and efficiency. Understanding who heavy users are can help provide a picture of the people reached most and can be useful for budget allocation.

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