Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outdoor advertising revenue sets a steady climb

As advertising spending continues a steady growth, it can be a benchmark in America’s return to a healthy economy.

Out-of-home advertising has steadily recovered from the recent economic downturn. Reported by MediaPost, the first quarter of 2011 marks the fourth quarter in a row in which the out-of-home advertising industry has posted growth in revenue.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America attributes the consistent increase with a few causes. The first being that some industry categories have spent more like financial, media & advertising, and communications. Also, some categories have stepped up spending like educational institutions. That alone jumped 21.1% in spending from 2010 to $59 million.

The second reason behind the growth is the transition into digital advertising. Digital billboards and other out-of-home displays are vastly expanding and replacing, in some cases, traditional forms. This move has allowed outdoor companies to charge advertisers by dayparts, which can lead to more revenue.

As advertising spending continues a steady growth, it can be a benchmark in America

’s return to a healthy economy.

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