Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can radio formats help determine what an audience is reading?

Overall, advertisers can use research to help determine how best to reach their target audience.

The best way to understand media and a target consumer is to be up-to-date with research. The Radio Business Report/ Television Business Report and BIGresearch teamed up to study what radio listeners of a certain style of programming read. The Center for Media Research recently summarized the report’s findings:

Alternative - These listeners’ top five publications were People, Time, Game Informer, Cosmopolitan, and Maxim in that order. This group did not readily choose older skewing magazines like Readers Digest, Good Housekeeping, and AARP The Magazine.

Blues - Like alternative, some entertainment publications made the top five list; however, it also shows an interest in urban and cultural magazines. Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Ebony, and National Geographic round out the top five list.

Classical - This group prioritizes its choice publications with Time, People, Readers Digest, National Geographic, and Game Informer.

Country - The top five publications for country allude to a more family-oriented listener with People, Good Housekeeping, Readers Digest, Woman’s Day, and Time.

Latin/Hispanic - People, Cosmopolitan, Time, Game Informer, and Maxim are the top magazines for this radio format.

News - According to the report, this group has diverse tastes when it comes to print with Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, and Readers Digest.

R&B - Listeners gravitate towards more urban titles like People, Essence, Ebony, Time, and Cosmopolitan.

Sports - Not surprisingly sports related publications are the primary choice for this format. They rank as Sports Illustrated, Time, ESPN The Magazine, People, and Maxim.

Talk - This format prioritized Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Readers Digest, and Consumer Reports as choice reading material.

Top 40/Pop - Entertainment focused publications like People, Cosmopolitan, Time, Sports Illustrated, and Woman’s Day did best with this format.

Overall, advertisers can use research to help determine how best to reach their target audience. The information above lends itself to be especially useful to advertisers who wish to use a multi-platform campaign. It can aid in determining which print and radio formats to use.

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