Thursday, July 19, 2012

A new trend report focuses on men and media

Advertisers must constantly stay current with how their potential audience views different media. According to Advertising Age, Ad Age Insights and GfK MRI have partnered up to release the trend report “Dudes to Dads: US Men’s Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work.” The majority of the report goes into detail about how different male generations vary from each other.

A portion of the report focuses on how media is viewed and valued by men. While 54% of respondents stated that television advertisements provide helpful information about new products and services, 63% also stated that TV ads are repeated too often.

As far as generational differences, it may be suggested that the younger age groups, the millennials prefer the internet, and the older age groups, Baby Boomers and Gen X, prefer older media. While there is some truth to that, it’s an over generalization. Millennials reported that they find print ads in magazines entertaining. One thing that the majority of men, 65%, agree on is that cell phone ads are annoying.

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