Thursday, May 1, 2014

TV platform where more ads are seen

If given the opportunity to watch television on Video-On-Demand, on a DVR, or live, on which method would you tend to watch more TV commercials? If you ask Nielsen, you will find that Video-On-Demand viewers tend to watch more commercials.

MediaPost reports that TV viewers who watch a 30 minute program actually see different amounts depending on the TV platform used.
·        Video-On-Demand: An average of 28 minutes of programming and commercials are viewed by the audience.
·        DVR: An average of 23 minutes is viewed.
·        Live TV: Only about 20 minutes of the program and commercials are viewed.

These averages are not surprising if you apply it to your own TV usage habits. If you watch live television, is it possible that you get up during commercial breaks to do something else? If you have a DVR, is it possible that you fast forward through the commercials or parts of the program you are not interested in watching? Or, do you ever rewind the DVR footage to watch a commercial that caught your attention? If you use Video-On-Demand, you may notice that the fast forward function is not enabled and commercials will run. However, the commercial break may not be as long as live TV.

At any rate, while there are multiple methods in which to watch TV, it still can be said that an audience can be exposed to commercials.

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