Friday, February 13, 2015

Research ranks top favorite TV shows currently running

If you ask any group of people what TV show they like to watch the most, more than likely, you will get quite a few shows mentioned. Harris Poll recently surveyed a little over 2,000 American adults to see which television show earned the top spot.

MediaPost reports that after all responses were tallied, current favorite TV programs ranked as follows:
1.      “NCIS”: CBS-TV
2.      “Big Bang Theory”: CBS-TV
3.      “The Walking Dead”: AMC
4.      “Scandal”: ABC-TV
5.      “Game of Thrones”: HBO
6t.     “The Good Wife”: CBS-TV
6t.     “The Blacklist”: NBC-TV
8.      “Modern Family”: ABC-TV
9.      “Blue Bloods”: CBS-TV
10.    “Criminal Minds”: CBS-TV

Not surprising is the fact that the three top favorite current TV shows are also heavily re-run in syndication.

Also, the poll does relatively reflect standard Nielsen TV ratings. For example, “NCIS” had a reported 19.8 million average viewers during original episodes airing. So, the high Nielsen ratings are pretty much corroborated with the general TV viewing public.

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