Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yahoo Looks to Drop in Ad Revenue

Have you ever heard someone say, “Yahoo it”? No? Me either. However, “Google it” is a phrase heard frequently. Google has morphed itself into a “noun” and has benefited greatly; Yahoo tells a different story.

Speaking in terms of ad revenue, eMarketer expects Yahoo to drop significantly in 2016 while Google continues to grow. Yahoo’s search ad revenue is expected to decline by 12.7% to $1.41 billion while Google looks to increase their revenue by 8.2% landing at $47.57 billion this year.

On the other side of digital ad revenue, Yahoo also expects their display ad revenues to drop. The graph below shows worldwide display ad revenues:

Currently, Facebook holds the number one spot with $22.37 projected display ad revenues in 2016 with Google coming in second with about half of that. Yahoo is the only company projected to decline in display ad dollars in 2016 with an expected dip of 15.1%. Meanwhile, companies like Alibaba, Baidu, Twitter, and Facebook are expected to increase their revenues by over 30%.

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