Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why Pokémon Go Might Be the Best Thing for Marketers

As a kid, I remember walking into my friend’s house and seeing his Pokémon cards spread out on his living room floor. I thought he was weird; what was so interesting about cards? They couldn’t wear 4 different outfits in one day and drive around in Ken’s convertible like my Barbie’s could. Nevertheless, I convinced him to leave the mysterious cards to come play outside.

Now, in 2016, after having seemingly gone dim, Pokémon returns; but no longer as cards spread across a living room floor. Instead, Pokémon has hit the streets with the world’s newest phenomenon, Pokémon Go. For marketers, July 6, 2016 not only was the birth of a new hit augmented reality (AR) game, but a day when doors flung open with new opportunity. 

Today, I typed in “Pokémon go marketing” into Google and received an entire page full of useful, helpful, and informational articles about how any business would be crazy to ignore all the buzz. So here, I’ve compiled a few top reasons why marketers and businesses should be thrilled with this new game.

1.      Foot traffic goes through the roof –Tom Lattanzio, owner of a pizzeria in Queens, told the New York Post that he paid $10 to have a dozen Pokémon hosted at his restaurant. Since then, business has increased by 75%.
2.      Tops Twitter and Facebook – according to SimilarWeb, Pokémon Go has surpassed Twitter’s active daily users and records users spending more time on the app than on Facebook. Likely, when the fad wears off, the social media giants of the world will take back their crown, but for now, Pokémon Go holds the gold.
3.      Data Data Data – the app uses GPS location to track where players are. Marketers get giddy over data, so why not collect more?
4.      Get creative and advertise PokéStops – see this cute clothing store and their Pokémon spirit

So, Pokémon Trainer or not, your business can reap the benefits of this AR game that took the world for a spin. Whether you’re lucky and got a little creature in your store by chance, or pay for an appearance, you’re likely to drive traffic, sales, and word of mouth.

Good luck, and make sure to catch em’ all. 

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