Thursday, February 4, 2010

More viewers expected to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials

Super Bowl TV commercials can cost an advertiser millions, but is anyone paying attention to them?

As the Super Bowl approaches, talk of the commercials comes to the foreground for the industry. According to MediaPost, a new poll by Hanon McKendry, which was conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that more US adults are preparing to watch the commercials than last year.

Results from the January survey conclude that 22% of viewers who are expected to watch the game are only doing so in order to watch the commercials. Also noted is that 35% of those who watch the commercials are more likely to visit the advertiser’s website, which is a 5% increase from the 2009 poll. Social-networking is sited as a conversation platform for the aired ads. In fact, 48% of the people who will see the TV ads may use such sites to discuss them.

Commercials for the Super Bowl are a multi-million dollar commitment that most advertisers can not justify. However, as these commercials become the topic of conversations and pop culture references, it may be a gamble that some advertisers should take.

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