Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Facebook the new way of streaming movies?

In yet another integration of traditional media and newer media, Warner Bros. has recently made a deal to stream its films on Facebook.

According to MediaPost, the arrangement allows for Facebook users to either rent or own films through the website’s movie platform. Payment can be made with traditional methods or through Facebook credits. For example, to rent a movie would cost 30 Facebook credits or $3. This rental would last for 48 hours.

The first movie available for this pay-per-view initiative will be “The Dark Knight.” More titles will be added to the site later in the year.

Some experts have begun comparing this online streaming method with other popular and established methods like Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. While Warner Bros. and Facebook do not have a large stock of films available to users, Facebook does boast a large audience. At the moment, Facebook has about 500 million users, which is about 480 million more users than Netflix subscribers. Therefore, there is a chance for this new method of online streaming to become a threat to other forms of streaming. This will depend on how the Facebook community will embrace it and recommend it to others.

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