Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is there a difference in TV consumption among ethnicities?

To stay ahead of the media mix trends, it is pertinent to stay current with media research. The Nielsen Company conducted a survey in November 2010 to breakdown television consumption among American ethnicities.

According to MediaPost, African-American homes are the leaders in TV consumption with an average of 7 hours and 12 minutes per day. The average US household is 5 hours and 11 minutes. Following behind are Caucasian homes at 5 hours and 2 minutes, Hispanic homes at 4 hours and 35 minutes, and Asian homes at 3 hours and 12 minutes.

An interesting note is the effect of DVRs on US households. In fact, Caucasian homes added 5.0 DVR ratings points to TV shows, which is a 15.4% boost over live airings. Asian households, Hispanic households, and African-American households followed in the DVR usage.

How can this information help an advertiser with a campaign? When looking at a target demographic, does the ethnic makeup play a factor? If so, an advertiser needs to know how that group consumes media. A heavy TV campaign may not make sense for an Asian or Hispanic demographic target, but it would for African-American or Caucasian one.

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