Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why are consumers unhappy with pay walls?

Pay walls are causing the online entertainment industry to struggle with consumer satisfaction.

Ten years ago, consumers were able to access entertainment online content at their convenience for free. A recent article from MediaPost says that consumers are responding negatively to the recent charge for online access to content.

A public relations company, Edelman, conducted a study that showed the true worth of entertainment sources has decreased in the past year by 68%. The speculation is that this change may be caused by the lack of value a consumer receives from the entertainment sources. In the U.S., 88% of the study’s respondents feel that the pay sites have not improved their quality, value or service. With that said, why has the social networking perspective continued to maintain value to consumers?

As consumers become more reluctant to pay for entertainment, advertisers struggle to find the best approach for online advertising. Many advertisers have begun to focus their online advertising through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With this ability, advertisers are able to maneuver around pay walls and advertise in a different online format.

Pay walls have dampened consumer satisfaction, but also advertiser’s approach to online advertising. Advertisers who want to target an online audience need to remain aware of the sites they are using and resulting cost efficiencies and effectiveness in reach the target audience.

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