Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ads in the X-ray bins?

For anyone who has recently gone through an airport knows that advertisers can be found on the walls, in the bathrooms and even on the baggage claim. Other areas looking to expand are the carts and trays used in the security checkpoint.

According to MediaPost, SecurityPoint Media has 30 U.S. airports that already have trays and carts that advertisers can be on. The company estimates that advertisers can reach up to 1,200,000 airline passengers per day, which is a total of 850 million annually (This number includes repeat users). SecurityPoint Media recently received additional funding from Raptor Ventures and RaptorAccelerator, and it is thought that the funding may go towards expanding SPM’s reach.

It’s understandable that advertisers would want to reach airline passengers. According to a 2004 Arbitron study, this demographic tends to be more educated and affluent than the overall U.S. Therefore, if you are looking to reach a demographic like this, airport advertising may be option to evaluate.

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