Thursday, November 10, 2011

Theaters turn to mobile apps

Smartphones are becoming more readily available to the American public. That being said, other forms of media have embraced the new device as a way of reaching the masses. According to MediaPost, the cinema advertising company National CineMedia (NCM) has recently launched a vertical mobile network.

NCM is working with Mobile Theory on The Mobile Movies Network, which utilizes both mobile sites and apps to target consumers at the local city and DMA level. The Mobile Movies Network uses Tap 2 which is a new mobile ad product that allows the mobile banner more interaction with users like response mechanisms, video players, maps to theater locations, and coupons and promotional codes.

The purpose behind this network is to increase consumer engagement and measure response.

Overall, media has been interacting with on another for some time. However, with the addition of online and mobile media, advertisers should expect a lot of overlap. This can be advantageous in that advertisers will be able to reach consumers with a strong cross-promotional platform.

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