Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is television reaching an older audience?

With broadcast television, some networks skew younger than others, but how exactly are they ranking? From looking at the first two weeks of the fall 2012 season, it appears that most networks are growing older.

According to MediaPost, most of the median ages increased from the year prior:

·       CBS: Median age of 57.8 years; 55.3 in 2011.
·       ABC: Median age of 55.3 years; 53.4 in 2011.
·       NBC: Median age of 47.8 years; 48.7 in 2011.
·       Fox: Median age of 43.3 years; 41.8 in 2011.
·       CW: Median age of 40.9 years; 36.6 in 2011.
·       Univision: Median age of 40.4 years; 36.8 in 2011.

What does this information tell us? First of all, the data was pulled from the initial two weeks of the fall season. Therefore, it may have leveled out throughout the season. However, it does still show a trend towards an older audience.

It’s up to advertisers to figure out how best to reach their audience. For example, if the desired consumer is younger, look at younger skewing networks or look at younger skewing programming within all networks. Just because the median is slightly older, doesn’t mean that the younger audience has left. It simply means that the active audience is staying with certain programs and networks in spite of the fact they are getting older.

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