Thursday, June 6, 2013

Big cable network goes dark in order to promote radio

If you were planning to watch Comedy Central on Sunday, May 19th, what you found was probably not what you expected. In a marketing blitz, the cable network went dark for the entire day in order to promote the new Comedy Central SiriusXM station with a sample of the content. The new radio station was set to launch at midnight the following Monday.

According to MediaPost, the only other time Comedy Central had gone dark before was in 1992 for Johnny Carson’s final “Tonight Show” broadcast.

The satellite station will include some of the network’s stand-up comedy specials, original content, etc.

Cross-promotion among different media platforms is nothing new; however, if done in a smart way, it can be very helpful to a campaign. Time will only tell if the blitz and good programming will keep the new Comedy Central radio station relevant and solid in listenership.

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