Thursday, May 30, 2013

Outdoor boards being sold in an out-of-home network vs. individual sale

In a society where advertisers have more tools to reach specific target audiences, it can lead some media vendors to develop new systems for its products.

According to MediaPost, Clear Channel Outdoor has created “consumer networks.”  Basically, this is a way for advertisers to select out-of-home inventory that best aligns with the desired target audience. The networks are chosen based off of demographic, geographic and psychographic factors.

So far, the networks can be purchased on national and regional levels. In addition, it will include the “Eyes On” ratings from the Traffic Audit Bureau in order to give an estimate on viewership. This new system could eliminate the selection of individual boards.

Currently, the new system is active in Albuquerque, Cleveland, Orlando, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Seattle. More markets are noted to follow.

While the network is appreciated, I would still recommend picking out a few key individual boards in a campaign. Just like other advertising initiatives, it’s smart to reach the individual consumer with very tight targeting but still have a solid coverage base.

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