Thursday, July 11, 2013

New report shows magazine audience grows from last year

With digital media making a bigger presence in consumers everyday lives, advertisers can benefit in knowing to what degree this is true. MediaPost recently reported on data from GfK MRI that looked into American readership of magazines across the print and digital formats.

Overall, the data showed that print readership has increased since last year. If looking at the print magazine by itself, it increased from 1.19 billion in early 2012 to 1.21 billion in spring 2013. This is about a 2.36% increase in readership.

The digital platform is still new and growing, so its readership is less than print’s. As of this year, it’s approximately 1.4% of the total readership. In fact, the digital audience was 9.2 million in early 2012 and grew to 16.9 million a year later.

In combination of print and digital platforms (not including users on the magazine website), the magazine audience increased by 2.98% from last year.

The data shows that approximately 62% of the magazines measured audience increases from the year prior. Some of the titles include Diabetes Forecast, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, Costal Living, and Food Network Magazine.  The publications FamilyFun and PC World were down in readership.

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