Thursday, August 1, 2013

Advertisers can now put an ad on toilet paper

I must admit, with writing a media blog for the last few years, I’ve gotten used to seeing new advertising opportunities in places where I didn’t expect to see them. It’s easy to get jaded. That being said, the company Star Toilet Paper surprised me. According to MediaPost, advertisements are now being sold on toilet paper.

College students created the business back in 2011. The premise is to provide free toilet paper to schools, businesses, and other venues that have public restrooms. Reportedly, there are currently eight venues that now supply patrons with Star Toilet Paper in the restroom facilities. In addition, about 70 advertisers have made the commitment to participate.

If you really think about it, it is a pretty smart way to get your message across to a consumer. Meaning, when a person is in a bathroom stall, you could theoretically have his or her complete attention for the duration of the stay. Also, with the introduction of smartphones, people have been known to bring it in the stall. Some of the ads have QR codes on them, which can encourage interactivity.

So, if you walk into a public bathroom, and you see ads on the toilet paper, you won’t be surprised. 

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