Monday, November 3, 2014

Americans think certain topics get too much news coverage

The definition of news coverage varies depending on who you are asking. According to a new survey conducted by Harris Poll, some Americans think certain topics of news have been over exposed while others are lacking.

MediaPost reports that those polled felt that news had too much emphasis on entertainment, professional spectator sports, politics and superficial and sensational stories. In fact, about 76% stated celebrity gossip and scandals took up too much coverage in news reports.

In the same poll, people thought humanitarian issues, education, science, government corruption, health, global humanitarian issues, etc. received too little attention in the news.

Interesting to note is that Harris found that the audience had similar degrees of agreement to news coverage when looking at age generations. Meaning, people within the same age generation had similar attitudes towards certain news coverage. An example being that about 88% of older generations reported that celebrity gossip had too much coverage, 79% of baby boomers were in agreement, followed by 76% of Gen Xers, and 68% of millennials. 

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