Friday, November 14, 2014

What consumers think of email marketing

One highly targetable method for advertisers to reach consumers is email marketing. The question, however, is how do consumers feel about receiving email blasts?

The Center for Media Research reported on a new research study titled, “Take Advantage of Positive Email Attitudes,” by Forrester Research. MarketingCharts helped to summarize the findings. Approximately 33,500 online users were polled.

Here are some highlights:
·        42% deleted most email advertising prior to reading (This was down from 59% in 2010 and 44% in 2012.)
·        39% felt that he/she received too many email promotions and offers
·        37% sought to unsubscribe from unsolicited email lists
·        29% wanted to know how advertisers got ahold of the email addresses
·        24% reported that email advertising was a good way to be informed of new products and promotions

What advertisers should take away from this study is to make your product as relevant as possible to your consumer. Buying a list of unsolicited addresses may not help perceptions and too many emails per week may tire your audience.

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