Friday, December 5, 2014

Print inserts still sought out by consumers

Print is not dead. While many people, consumers and advertisers alike, believe that print is dying, I disagree. It is true that with the addition of digital media, there are so many platforms to choose from when putting together an advertising plan. Sometimes, other media forms have to be cut in the process. Just like every type of media, print has an audience.

One of the unique qualities that print offers and consumers seek out is inserts. eMarketer recently reported on research conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America. The purpose of the study was to see how Americans shopped and spent money in 2014.

Of those surveyed who have used inserts, 70% sought it out to check on special savings or what sales are being run. Another 48% reported that it was easier to review printed inserts than search online for the same information.

The study further broke down which sources were used to find coupons.
·        61% used Sunday newspaper inserts or circulars
·        58% used direct mail advertising
·        46% used weekday newspaper inserts or circulars
·        45% went online to download and print off coupons
·        39% downloaded coupons on a handheld device that could be scanned at the store
·        36% used online coupons to buy something online
·        32% used ads from the regular sections of the newspaper

·        25% used coupons from magazines

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