Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Media consumption for Millennial men

Nielsen recently released new research on spending habits of American consumers namely focusing on Millennial men. It reports that in addition to being the most diverse generation racially in U.S. history, the consumer group varies in media consumption by ethnicity.

Center for Media Research explains that African-American men within the Millennial age group spend more time watching traditional television vs. the Millennial men group as a whole. On average, African-American Millennials watch about 33 hours a week with traditional TV and 3 hours a week of video online. Compare this to the fact that Millennial men spend approximately 20 hours a week watching TV and 2 hours 15 minutes watching videos on the Internet. Hispanic Millennial men tend to watch less traditional television and online video at 19 hours and less than 2 hours respectively. The study reports that Asian-American Millennial men spend about 4 hours a week watching videos online, which is more than any other. However, this group tends to watch the least amount of traditional TV at 11.5 hours a week.

It is reported that about 88% of all men in this age group listen to the radio each week for about 11 hours and 42 minutes. This amount of radio consumption is more than the Millennial female counterpart at 10 hours and 46 minutes.

What advertisers need to glean from this is your target audience may have different media consumption habits from others within the same age group. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to evaluate each tier within the target audience and determine which media will be most effective.

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