Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How many households do not have landlines?

New research reports that US households without landlines are growing steadily. The Center for Media Research recapped the findings from GfK Mediamark Research’s recent interviews with US adults.

Approximately 44% of adults in the United States do not have landline telephones in the household but do have cell phones. By comparison, there were only 26% of households in 2010 that only had cell phones. That is a growth of about 70% over the last few years.

The research further broke down the percentages of cell-phone-only households by age groups.
·        64% of Millennials
·        45% of Generation Xers
·        32% of Baby Boomers
·        13% of Pre-Boomers

Overall, about 93% of all adults in the US have cell phones according to recent accounts. Time will tell in how the cell-phone-only households’ growth will trend.

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