Friday, April 3, 2015

Planning sessions with the client

Is it better to run a :30 radio spot instead of a :60? How about a :15 TV spot vs. a :30? Should we launch the digital with the print? These are just a few questions that advertisers and media buyers/planners discuss during a planning session. Such sessions are important so that the client and the agency can relay important factors to each other and craft a media plan in which both parties are confident.

Ideally, a meeting or phone conference should start the brain storming process with the bare bones information. Namely, a buyer needs to know the geographic target area, the ideal customer/consumer that the client would like to reach, a time frame for the campaign (Is there a specific date or event that the media needs to push?), what are the budget constraints, what are the expected Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and what creative is available to use. Once those data points are established, it is up to the planner to put together a schedule that can efficiently reach the target audience and maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) for the client.

Once the first draft of the plan is created, it is sent to the client with the intent to talk through it and the thought process behind the media used, flight weeks planned, and level of approach (baseline, moderate and aggressive).

Typically, another round or two of revisions are required until both sides are pleased with the game plan. A key in keeping this process moving is open communication with the client and remembering to keep your ego at the door. A plan should be flexible to change and so should the buyer/planner.

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