Thursday, May 19, 2016

Instagram to Allow Facebook's Dynamic Ads to Reach its "Visual" Audience

We have all seen retargeted ads, whether we are aware of it or not. You know when you’re surfing the Internet and see an ad for the same dress that you looked at yesterday? Yep, it’s retargeted. Or how about when you researched traveling to the great Smokey Mountains and two days later saw an ad for luxurious cabins available in the mountains? Sure thing, you’ve been retargeted once again.

Facebook calls their retargeting ads “Dynamic Ads” after originally being known as “Dynamic Product Ads”. Without much surprise, Facebook has extended their Dynamic Ads to their recently acquired, Instagram.

Susan Buckner, the market operations lead at Instagram declares that, “Instagrammers are visual shoppers.” Buckner notes that users visit the social network at least six days out of the week. Sixty percent of people claim to discover products and services on Instagram with an astonishing 75 percent taking action after seeing a post.

Dynamic Ads can be shown on Facebook, Instagram, or any third-party site or app that is a part of the Facebook Audience Network.

The travel industry has been a huge success with these retargeted ads on Facebook as they can show prices, availability, flight times, etc. on their ads to people who are likely interested. Facebook even takes into account the demographics of their user. For example, a high school student with a part-time job won’t be retargeted with an ad showing ticket prices for a roundtrip flight to Australia even if they were daydreaming about said trip yesterday. Why not? Because a high-school student cannot afford that magnificent vacation, so it would be a waste to target them.

This is huge for advertisers; why not remind users of what they liked yesterday while they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed? Advertisers have a captive audience who is very visual, might as well fulfill their desires with creative and relevant ads. 

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