Friday, May 6, 2016

Outdoor Ads Are Being Noticed, Discussed, and Interacted With

Nielsen has recently conducted a new study that has the advertising world talking. Nielsen revealed that out of home advertising is producing high levels of engagement from those who see it. The study is packed of data proving the success of this well-known medium.

More than 90% of US travelers have noticed some form of OOH (out of home) advertising in the past month. Roadside billboards were the number one noticed OOH media. Eighty-three percent of adults noticed the advertising message on said billboard.

Looking at the past year, 26% of respondents have discussed the message seen on an OOH advertisement with family or friends. Twenty-three percent have searched for the advertiser online, and 16% have visited the advertiser’s website after seeing their OOH message.

When it comes to teenagers and young adults (ages 16-34), interaction is more likely in different ways. Nielsen’s study reports the following:

·        One in four OOH viewers with smartphones have interacted with an ad through a NFC sensor or QR code
·        One third have searched for an OOH advertiser on their smartphone
·        Twenty-five percent have accessed a coupon or discount as a result of seeing an OOH ad
·        Twenty-two percent have visited the advertiser’s website
·        Thirteen percent have downloaded an app related to the advertiser’s ad

Stephen Freitas, the chief marketing officer of Outdoor Advertising Association of America puts it simply, “consumers today want the choice to connect with advertising. They want incentives to choose brands, and they want it all in the palms of their hands. OOH is the ideal medium to propel that interaction – driving attention from big screens on the street to the small screens they never leave home without.”

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