Thursday, September 24, 2009

A new survey discloses what college kids value in a brand

Knowing what target demographics value in a brand can be very beneficial to a successful campaign.

According to MediaPost, an annual, collaborative survey done by Alloy Media + Marketing and Harris Interactive explored brand credibility with American, college age people.

In the survey, Harris asked what brands are considered to be “trusted” and “happy”. The top three brands that students “trust” are Johnson & Johnson, Sony and Apple; the top three brands that make students “happy” are Clinique, Apple, and McDonald’s.

Another aspect of the survey was inquiring about spending decisions. It was found that the group’s discretionary spending power has increased despite the slowing economy. Spending has increased by 5% from last year to $56 billion. In regards to the hierarchy of needs, food purchases, clothing, shoes, entertainment, and technology round out the top of the list.

Alloy and Harris found that “overall, 43% of college students said they preferred to buy socially responsible brands. They seemed rather gloomy on the economy, with only 35% saying they thought the situation would improve over the next year.”

The college age group of 18-30 year-olds can be a very important demographic to appeal to considering the amount of discretionary funds available. Therefore, it is useful to be aware of what that group looks for in brand purchasing.

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