Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cable and syndicated TV research shows increased time watching comedies

Some TV shows can create a loyal following that will seek out that specific program on broadcast network, syndication, and cable TV.

In an article on MediaPost, research shows that despite comedy shows not making up much of the broadcast schedules, there are now more comedy hours on TV than before due to syndication and cable.

Based on research performed by independent TV researcher Steve Sternberg, “through the 2008-2009 season, TV homes spent 4.85 hours a week watching comedies, versus 4.09 hours in the 1999-2000…” While the bulk of the time came from cable with 3.08 hours, syndication did come in second with 1.49 hours which is a gain over the 1999-2000 season of 1.45 hours. Broadcast took third with only .27 hours. The research also shows that comedies on broadcast TV have dropped by half since 2005; however, most other program formats have stayed fairly consistent over the last four years.

The two most popular comedies were found to be “George Lopez” and “Family Guy.” “George Lopez” can be seen on both syndication and cable, while “Family Guy” can be seen on network, syndication and cable. Therefore, one comedy show can potentially be shown on broadcast network, syndication on multiple channels, and cable on multiple channels everyday.

If a campaign’s intended audience is one that watches comedies, it would be beneficial to look into syndication and cable instead of network. It may be a better way to tailor the message. Also, it could be more cost effective than purchasing only prime time spots.

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