Monday, August 31, 2009

MTV joins other cable channels with the addition of original Made-for-TV movies

It can be helpful to a campaign to be aware of upcoming changes of venues that have been used in the past.

According to MediaPost, MTV is looking to expand its programming with original Made-for-TV movies.

This new avenue is intended to aide in MTV boosting its ratings performances. With hopes to premiere one movie each quarter, the channel currently has two in production. One film is titled “My Super Psycho Sweet 16” and the other being “Turn the Beat Around.” Dance, horror, and comedy are the main themes of the first few films.

While MTV was down on viewership with the 18-49 demographic since last year, it still claims to be the “No.1-rated full-day ad-supported cable network for viewers 12-24.”

Made-for-TV movies have made a niche market for other cable channels like Lifetime, Hallmark, and even The Disney Channel which have been fairly successful. MTV’s films could be a great tool in targeting an audience that are too old for Disney but too young for a Lifetime or Hallmark type channel.

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