Monday, August 10, 2009

Reality shows can be more engaging than scripted TV

When debating about which television shows you want your commercial to run in or adjacent to, be aware of who is watching and who is engaged by the program.

Reported by MediaPost, the company ExperianSimmons researched which TV show viewers and ranked his/her engagement levels.

According to the results, “when it comes to engagement dimensions – ‘inspirational,’ ‘trustworthy,’ ‘life enhancing’ and ‘personal connection’ for last season, broadcast reality shows outranked broadcast drama.” For example, reality TV received a 289 mark (out of a possible 500) to scripted TV’s 236 in the trustworthy dimension. However, it was found that scripted TV shows did better with people of higher incomes, are full-time workers, and/or are students. In contrast, the reality TV index is higher with retired workers and those who are unemployed.

In order to insure a successful campaign, it is important to understand and utilize the venues where the target audience resides.

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