Monday, August 24, 2009

Research shows that consumers go to newspapers to check advertising

It can be beneficial to your campaign in knowing what medium your consumer finds trustworthy.

According to an article by the Center of Media Research, the Newspaper Association of America has enlisted MORI Research’s help in consumer observation. The research company has released early data from its study entitled “American Consumer Insights.”

In it, the study finds that newspaper is the primary medium for which adults use for planning, shopping and purchase decisions. It shows that “73% of adults regularly or occasionally read newspaper inserts,” and “82% have been spurred to action by a newspaper insert in the past month.” Taking action is broken down by clipping coupons (61%), buying something (50%), visiting websites to learn more (33%) and trying something for the first time (27%). It is also found that the closest competitor of newspaper, as the primary medium for checking advertising, is the Internet. However, the Internet is behind newspapers by about 20% in the poll.

It can appear that some forms of media are no longer valid in a digitally savvy society; however, it is important to remember what sources the target audience considers trustworthy. Print still has the validity with the consumer which can be advantageous to a campaign.

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