Monday, September 21, 2009

New time slot calls for an inventive promotion for Jay Leno

It is important to try to create new and creative ways to broadcast your message and that doesn’t mean to only pursue non-traditional media.

According to a MediaPost article, Katz Marketing Solutions, which is a division of Katz Media Group, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, has embarked on promoting Jay Leno’s new show to a captive audience- people stuck in traffic.

Katz Marketing Solutions and Horizon Media, NBC’s media agency, have teamed together to create two campaigns using radio’s traffic instructions. On September 8th, the first campaign was implemented which entailed comedy bits that ran with traffic reports in NBC’s top 12 markets nationwide.

The second campaign started September 14th and that included additional comedy shorts introduced by local DJs. They ran in a fixed position at 10 minutes after the hour to promote the new 10 p.m. time slot for Jay’s show. NBC’s top 25 markets were chosen to run the second campaign. It was said that the intention for this was to align Leno and the comedy with the number 10 to reinforce his new time slot.

Utilizing traditional media like radio to implement a fresh twist to promote a product or service can be necessary in reinventing a campaign.

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