Monday, November 23, 2009

Daily radio continues to reach the majority of adults

Regardless of what many people speculate broadcast radio still reaches the majority of American adults.

According to MediaPost, new data shows broadcast radio reaches 77% of American adults everyday. Radio comes in second to television, which has an estimated 95% reach.

The Council for Research Excellence collected the data from the five metropolis’ Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle in 2008. Nielsen analyzed the findings.

Data shows that the daily reach of radio was much higher than the percentage of American adults who listen to tapes or CDs. That group had a daily reach of 37%. American adults who listen to iPods or MP3 players only have a daily reach of 12%.

Of those 12% who listen to iPods or MP3 players daily overlap with the 77% who listen to radio. In fact, radio reaches 88% of the iPod/MP3 group.

In addition, daily radio reach beat out these categories: Internet at 64% (this excludes email usage), newspapers at 35% and magazines at 27%.

While it can be perceived that broadcast radio is being pushed out by satellite radio, MP3 players, tapes, CDs, etc., this study proves that is not the case. Therefore, broadcast radio still is a solid platform in which to engage the consumer.

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