Thursday, November 19, 2009

Digital out-of-home advertising grows in spite of economy

If a media vehicle is growing despite a down economy, then it could be helpful for your campaign to evaluate it and see if it will work within your message.

While most media vehicles have been negatively affected by the economic climate, digital out-of-home advertising has managed to grow in spite of the current conditions.

PQ Media, media industry economists, has recently released information on new estimates of advertising spending. Reported by MediaPost, the estimates show that digital out-of-home media is expected to grow 2.9% this year to $2.45 billion. This expansion is at a slower rate when compared to 2008. Last year, the medium had a 9.4% rate of growth.

Digital media has reached the point where it represents more than a third of the out-of-media market in the United States. In fact, MediaPost reports that “digital billboards have been the fastest growing segment of the market in 2009, and is projected to rise 11.1% to $511 million.”

Despite digital billboards fast growth, the largest segment of the digital out-of-home media in 2009 continues to be video-based advertising networks.

Mass exposure is vital to a campaign when the ultimate goal is brand awareness. Therefore, it is important in knowing which media vehicles are growing and producing results.

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