Monday, November 30, 2009

Mall ad awareness is on the rise for shoppers

Static mall advertisements are making room for HD Smart Screen displays which can be an effective platform for mass reach.

It has been reported that Nielsen Media Research has recently conducted a custom study for AdSpace to determine the effectiveness of mall advertising.

According to MediaPost, the new research shows that shoppers are increasingly conscious of mall advertising. AdSpace published the results of the study which noted a jump of awareness from 47% in 2007 to 65% this year. Specifically, Nielsen found that the number of visitors that noticed advertising from Sony Pictures and Este Lauder elevated 44% this year compared to 2007.

Currently, the company operates the Smart Screen displays in malls with about 100 million visitors per month. AdSpace considers more engaging content and the switch to HD to be firm reasons to explain the increase in awareness.

Other mall advertising companies like Akoo and EyeCorp have also invested in studies about advertising effectiveness. Arbitron, which was the company that conducted the studies, found similar results to Nielsen’s outcome.

Besides the rise of acknowledgement, other positive factors are emerging. Especially during the holidays, mall attendance is up. With the increased foot traffic, it can be derived that mall advertisements could make sense strategically and financially.

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