Monday, December 14, 2009

Ad execs are optimistic about increasing future advertising spending

A positive perception can aid in bouncing back from tough economic times.

Regardless if the economy is coming back from the recession or not, major advertisers and media-buying executives are optimistic about advertising budgets for 2010.

The media industry research firm Advertiser Perceptions Inc. follows the perceptions that people in the business have about media. The study is based on an index of executives who plan to enhance ad spending over the next fiscal year vs. those who plan to reduce it.

The last survey was conducted in November 2009, and it found that ad executives’ optimism about increasing advertising budgets has risen to its highest point since 2007. In fact, the optimism levels are now at pre-recessionary levels.

According to MediaPost, the November survey “…shows that ad spending sentiment is now improving for every medium tracked, even for some traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and broadcast, which continue to have an overall negative index.” The top media performers on the survey were online, cable TV, and mobile advertising.

It can be very helpful to be aware of perception of the economy especially during a recession. Therefore, it is still very important to keep a branding message out and in front of the consumer. That constant messaging can reassure that a product or service is stable and will continue to be available regardless of what happens in the current economy.

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