Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rich media with video online ads garner more brand impact than simple flash formats

Once a medium is chosen for a campaign, it’s important to know what kind of ad will best make an impact in that venue.

During third quarter, the Center for Media Research released research findings of Dynamic Logic. The research company reviewed online display campaigns to find out which are the most effective in motivating online ad awareness and purchase intent.

Research was based on chronicling 2,390 online display campaigns that ran during the last three years. Half banners and rectangles were considered more effective ad sizes and placements than those that are on the perimeter of the page like a skyscraper and/or a leaderboard.

The research also concluded that ad campaigns that have better quality creative and Rich Media with Video formats resulted in the strongest brand impact. Simple flash format was the most often used by agencies and advertisers; however, this was the worst performer with brand impact.

If advertising online makes strategic sense for a campaign, it is necessary to pick ad sizes, placements and creative quality to best ensure brand awareness.

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