Thursday, December 17, 2009

Smartphone users are more receptive to personal apps and targeted marketing tactics

In knowing which platforms lend to receptive audiences with marketing strategies, a campaign could be successful in utilizing that medium.

Recently, the Center for Media Research released the outcome of a “Smartphone Intelligence” survey done by Compete. The survey was conducted to see how consumers are using their “smart” devices like the iPhone and the accompanying applications. Majority of consumers agreed that the favorite applications were not business related but rather entertainment-, game-, music-, social networking-, and weather-focused.

Data also reflected that iPhone owners were more likely than other smartphone users to spend money on applications. In fact, 73% of Blackberry owners have downloaded five or fewer applications while 72% of iPhone owners downloaded ten or more.

In the realm of marketing, 30% of all smartphone users are receptive to targeted marketing on their apparatus. Nearly half of those surveyed were responsive to campaigns like location-based targeted ad offers at restaurants and offers to save and use at a later time. In addition, 45% of smartphone users stated that they would use mobile grocery coupons.

Smartphones and its applications are growing in popularity in the United States. Along with the popularity, marketing tools have adapted to the new medium. A campaign could benefit with targeted marketing on a smartphone if the product or service is of the impulse or leisure nature. Purchases where a lot of consideration is needed may not be best advertised with this platform.

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