Thursday, April 1, 2010

Partner Spotlight: Sarah Malone

Question: My advertising budgets are down – should I look at shorter commercials to stretch my advertising dollar?

Answer: Many businesses have been faced with decreased advertising budgets in the last year, and running 30 vs. 60 second radio spots or 15 vs. 30 second television spots has been considered as to way to stretch advertising budget. While shorter spot lengths can be a viable option for many businesses there are several points to consider.

While half the length of traditional spots, shorter spots are not half the cost. Most stations charge between 65% and 75% of the cost of a traditional spot. Shorter spots may also have station restrictions on where the spots can run, which can impact the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Another important consideration is message recall. Most research shows that message recall is about 25% to 35% lower for short format commercials. You also need to consider your message. Campaigns that are simple or already familiar to your consumers may lend themselves to short spots, but many messages can be difficult to convey in shorter formats.
Considering shorter length commercials can stretch advertising dollars, however, it is important to consider all factors. Often, a mix of commercial lengths strategically placed can be the best use of your advertising budget.

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