Thursday, April 8, 2010

LA based companies have repurposed vinyl billboards for fashion

Being able to reuse and repurpose your existing creative ad can be effective in countless ways.

As more outdoor billboards are trending towards digital, some vinyl companies are vying for alternative methods of reusing the old creative to elongate exposure. In doing so, a green movement has emerged.

According to MediaPost, the Los Angeles based companies Midnight Oil and LA Graphico, which are marketing agencies that specialize in online and super graphic advertising, have created a partnership with Billboard2Swag. This partnership has resulted in Billboard2Swag taking the old vinyl building wraps and creating unique reusable shopping bags. The bags’ creative primarily are movie industry focused.

A high selling point to the fashion conscious is that each bag image is distinctive and one of a kind. The environmentally-minded consumer can also appreciate the bags because over 95% of each super graphic vinyl is used. Therefore, very little of the vinyl gets thrown into a landfill. The companies hope this fact will entice green companies to utilize out of home advertising.

Being able to reuse and repurpose a creative ad can be effective in countless ways. It can put your product/service in a positive light (being green), or it can even put your message in the hands of a new audience (reusable bags).

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