Thursday, September 15, 2011

Should I put “Like” in my social media ads?

Social media, especially Facebook, has quickly engaged people from all age groups, socio-economic make-up, and gender. SocialCode recently looked at Facebook specifically to see how different demographics clicked through Facebook ads with a “Like” button attached vs. just clicking “Like” within the ad.

According to the Center for Media Research, the study found that older Facebook users generally click through the ad to the embedded URL link, while the younger-skewing users “Like” the ad. The study’s oldest segment was users 50+ and the youngest segment was users 18-29.

Results also showed that women are more likely to click on an ad by 11%. In addition 2.2% more men than women “Like” an ad.

Research like this is beneficial to advertisers in a few ways. The most important is that it can serve as a guide on how to create ads to reach a certain audience. If the target demographic skews younger, a “Like” option in the ad is recommended, for older audiences, it doesn’t seem to hold as much importance.

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