Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who is scanning QR codes?

The United States now has about 14 million smartphone users, which is about 6% of the whole mobile market. As smartphones become more accessible to the general population, advertisers will work to find a way to reach this new audience. Over the past few years, Quick Response codes (QR codes), which are scanned with smartphones, are becoming a viable option. comScore conducted a new study that evaluates who is scanning the QR codes.

According to the Center for Media Research, the study found that the most likely scanner is a man between 18-34 years old and has a household income of $100,000+.

· Gender makeup of scanners

o Male: 60.5%

o Female: 39.5%

· Age range of scanners

o 25-34: 36.8%

o 18-24: 16.6%

· Income range of scanners

o $100,000+: 36.1%

o $50,000 - $75,000: 19.1%

As far as other media goes, QR codes are best utilized from print publications like newspapers or magazines.

· Printed newspaper or magazine: 49.4%

· Product packaging: 35.3%

· Website on PC: 27.4%

· Poster/Flyer/Kiosk: 23.5%

· Business card/Brochure: 13.4%

· Storefront: 12.8%

· TV: 11.7%

The study also tracked where people were when they scanned a QR code. The majority of them were at home.

· At home: 58%

· Retail store: 39.4%

· Grocery store: 24.5%

· At work: 19.7%

· Outside or on pubic transit: 12.6%

· Restaurant: 7.6%

Overall, QR codes are another way to reach that niche group of smartphone users.

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