Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is single platform advertising as effective as multi-platform?

In the world of advertising, research is continuously being done to figure out the best combination of media for brand recall. A new study conducted by the Nielsen Company and commissioned by Google reinforced previous studies that a branding message on multiple platforms was more effective than a single platform.

According to MediaPost, the control media was television exposure only. Participants had about a 50% brand recall of a car commercial. The percentage went up to about 75% when the message was viewed on television, computer, tablet, and mobile devices. These percentages are based off of “aided recall” in which the study official gave the subjects a list of possible brands to choose from. This is different from “unaided recall” where the official asks what brands the subject remembers.

Additionally, the results show that specific details were better remembered across multiple media at 39% than just TV at 22%.

Why is this research important to your campaign? Knowing this information can help you determine what budget you will need, how to split it among media platforms, and figure out what kind of unified branding message can translate across all media. Putting the entire budget into one form of media is not a bad decision, but it can hinder the overall branding awareness.

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