Thursday, October 6, 2011

Will the tablet destroy the print industry?

This year’s American Magazine Conference, which took place October 4th and 5th, touched on how tablet technology can help the print industry rather than make it obsolete.

According to MediaPost, a panel made up of top magazine executives stressed how tablets can be beneficial to print publications. One executive made mention that digital is brining in new and sometimes younger customers. In addition, digital has allowed publications to adjust pricing without much backlash from readers. Meaning, a price increase in newsstand issues can be met with resistance; however, changes in monthly online subscriptions or pay-per-click is commonly more accepted.

In general, it appears that magazine executives have embraced the tablets as positive addition to the traditional print titles. In fact, most major magazines are working on advertising opportunities specifically crafted for tablet users. Therefore, the tablet is not a replacement rather an additional source of revenue with traditional media.

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