Thursday, April 19, 2012

Large FB fan base doesn't coincide with high engagement

Some brands have thousands of Facebook “likes,” but how many of those fans are actually engaged? The answer may surprise you. According to Advertising Age, researchers from Ehrenberg-Bass Institute found the average of engaged fans among the 200 biggest brands on Facebook to fall below one percent.

It would be easy to assume that passion brands have a higher engagement. Nike, Old Spice, Harley Davidson and Ford would be considered passion brands because consumers tend to have more of an emotional connection with these rather than brands of hand soap, milk, etc. This assumption proves to be accurate; however, the average of passion brand engagement is still relatively small in conjunction with its fan base. In fact, passion brands had about a .66% average engagement while the top brands with the largest fan base had a .36%.

Holding the top position, only one brand in the study was found to have an engagement of two percent. The highest engagement levels were found with alcohol, auto, cosmetic, and electronic brands. Software, social platforms and fast-moving consumer goods were among the lowest.

What does this mean for advertisers? First of all, Facebook fan bases and actual consumer engagement are not the same thing. Secondly, advertisers must consider if a huge push towards engagement is worth the resources when the most a brand can really expect is around one percent.

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