Thursday, April 26, 2012

Viewers are utilizing TV and mobile devices simultaneously

Have you walked into a friend’s living room recently to find eyes glued to something other than the television? Well, there is a good chance they are partitioning some of their attention to a smaller screen. According to new research conducted by GfK Knowledge Networks, 52% of all minutes on smartphones or tablets in the U.S. are spent while watching TV. 

 MediaPost reports that the findings on each type of medium, smartphone or tablet, vary for different age groups. For example, adults 35 to 49 spend 67% of their total minutes on tablets while they are watching TV; however, adults 18 to 34 only spend 39% of their minutes doing the same thing. In regards to smartphones, the younger age group spends a slightly higher percent of their time surfing, texting etc. on his/her phone while watching television programming than the older group. 

 Advertisers can simultaneously integrate both television and mobile advertising. The benefits of these extensions in TV consumption is that mobile devices offer the ability for consumers to instantaneously research advertised products, share content, or link to websites which could potentially improve brand engagement. 

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