Thursday, April 5, 2012

A positive turn-around for the magazine industry.

When the economy took a hit, so did the media. Slowly, media, including print magazines, has come back. According to MediaPost, more magazines launched during the first quarter 2012 than magazines that closed.

The online database reported that 52 titles debuted during the first quarter while only 12 titles discontinued publishing. At the same time last year, the numbers were 54 and 24 respectively. By comparison, the magazine industry suffered 596 closures during the entire 2009 year while only 275 were launched.

Restaurants/Dining was the top category of this year’s launches. Hunting and fishing were the next big categories. Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade and Spa were among the magazines that closed.

Acknowledging the positive aspects of the magazine industry, advertisers should be aware that with more selection comes clutter. This is why it is important to be careful when choosing the publication to carry your ad. By doing your research, it can help assure that your message is reaching your brand’s specific target audience effectively.

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