Thursday, March 29, 2012

Political parties are attracted to different radio formats.

Republican or Democrat; country or contemporary? Radio formats prove to sway towards particular political parties. A study conducted by Arbitron covering 208,274 individuals showed that radio is an efficient investment for political campaigns.

MediaPost reports that the study calculated party identification, voter registration and frequency of voting. By doing so, Arbitron found that the adult contemporary format attracts more Democrats than Republicans with a result of 39 percent to 34. Almost all rock formats, with alternative rock as the outlier, draw a Republican-heavy audience. Other radio formats with a Republican majority include country and Christian radio.

Political advertisers can use these findings to target listeners for certain campaign messages. Choosing the best radio format to utilize based on the political affiliation of its listeners, political advertisers can tailor the advertisement to better connect with the desired audience.

Ron Rodrigues, Arbitron Marketing Manager, explained that music formatted stations provide a broad audience to reach for “Register to Vote” messages. For political advertisers, radio can be a highly effective medium.

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